Our technology stack

Solutions built for the cloud:

Solid technical foundations

We build on the latest and greatest technologies, in .NET, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

We have grown along with cloud and development platforms over the years and can implement a modern, cloud solution while understanding your legacy technology.

User interfaces

We like designing applications people love to use from interactive web based applications to brand websites. Applications can be branded for your own style or to follow a style guide like GDS Design System .

Integration and APIs

From email, website payments to internal services, we can integrate and connect your existing systems together to create an overall business process flow.

Data processing and storage

We help you build background and batch data processing which can handle large amounts of data so users aren't kept waiting, using cloud based elasticity in a way which wasn't previously possible with servers in your own data centre.

Technology for leading development and cloud platforms

We've built solutions in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Webservices (AWS) and Linode, utilising the best technology each cloud has to offer. Our solutions are built to last and use existing building blocks to deliver your project faster.

This is just some of the technology we are using today:

Development platforms

.NET and JavaScipt as a foundation for the systems we build. ASP.NET brings together C#, TypeScript, Vue.Js and the libraries around it written using Visual Studio.


SQL, NoSQL, graph, we don't mind. Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake, Azure Redis, Search, Blob Storage, PowerBI and more. APIs using REST, GRPC, JSON, XML or even SOAP if we need to.

Web frontend

Vue.Js, TypeScript, vanillaJS, Blazor or ASP.NET Pages, we can design an application which suits your needs. Make it interactive with SignalR to create engaging experiences.

Background processing

Process data or run background jobs using Azure Functions or KEDA on Kubernetes triggered by Azure Service Bus, Event Hubs, RabbitMQ or on a timer. Designed for scale and balancing speed versus cost in the cloud.


Systems designed with security from the outset, we are experienced using OAuth2 and OpenID connect backed by Azure Active Directory, AWS Cognito or Auth0.

Observability and support

Knowing what's happening in the application and responding to exceptions, bugs or outages quickly is key in delivering a service trusted by end users. Using Application Insights and stuctured logs allows us to know what's going on.


Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google App Engine and Linode Compute and Kubernetes Engine (LKE) for managed platforms to host applications with a balance of control and scale.


From requirements, implementation details, builds, deployment and support, we use Azure DevOps and Github to manage the software lifecycle of projects.

Interested in our technology stack? Bring your skills to our next project.